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By Big Dave
I understand that stock Beru wires are NLA for S3 models.

Is my only choice to use S4 wires and re-route as needed?

Any aftermarket options? I don't need connectors/ends.
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By linderpat
You can get them, but they are not easy to find. This past May I bought a set off parts geek (per Stan's recommendation). I sent my S4 set back to roger and told him about the parts geek sets - they had 3 sets, and a better price than what Roger was offering at the time for the S4 set. He bought the remaining two sets. They are Beru wires as well. By now, there should be more available. Just shop for them.
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By Stepson
I have bought plug wires made to order from Richard Clewett @ Clewett Engineering. Super nice nice guy. You pick the color of the 8mm wires you want, he cuts them to correct size and adds the connectors. Inexpensive and good.

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