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By linderpat
only if I lived in siberia. Fugly and useless otherwise.
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By JDS968
Why not?

I guess because I'm not a polygamist with 35 children. I'd much prefer a Unimog. Portal axles, lower gearing, and more maneuverable.

But if I were a schoolchild in Siberia, then yeah, I'd want that thing picking me up.
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By amdavid
LOL, youz are funny! far agree with the why nots...
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By fpena944
This reminds me of one of my bucket list wants. A military-spec deuce and a half!

I know it's an awful vehicle that is slow, loud, uncomfortable, and outdated. But the sound of that turbo and that military smell brings back memories from when my dad was in the Army. So I don't know what HOA will accept one of these, but I still want one!
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