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By Bart
Was cleaning out some storage areas yesterday and came across a few boxes of old Car and Driver magazines, mostly from the late 80's and 90's. Hate to toss them but can't think of a good place that might be able to use them. Any ideas?
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By David993S
I had a huge collection of Road & Track going back to the early 60's and a bunch of "SportsCar" magazines (the SCCA magazine) along with many years of Panorama gong back to the early 60's. I received them free from someone who wanted to get rid of them, so when it came time to clean out I did the same. I ran an ad offering them to 'first come first served'.

NCP's suggestion of donating them to a Veterans home is also a great idea.
By Bart
That's a great idea. We have a large Vet Hospital here and a Veteran's home not too far away. I'll check into it.

Thanks gentlemen.
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