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By amdavid
Funny story for those of you who know Darin (FD Motorsports).

I was doing a lot of hanging out/doing drives with the Bay Area/Napa crowd. Before Darin started doing muffler mods he was doing something (I think suspension) on his 993 in his old garage and I decided to join in to hang out and help the cause. I drove my 993 4S which had SuperCups on it....for those of you who know what SuperCups on a 993 sound like, you'll understand why Darin developed his exhaust line. Darin took my 993 out for a drive, came back, and the rest is history. I attribute the development of his product to address the hideous drone of the SuperCups from the cabin....from behind it sounded like a monster. The cabin drone outweighed the beautiful exhaust note of the SuperCups and I quickly went to Maxflow's until Darin released his product. Good times!
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By K964
Loved the FisterDs on my 993. Had the exact same experience with the S-cups—-my hearing is still impacted. Hah. Another car that I should never have sold....l,l
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