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By NCporsche
...Our survey was conducted over one month and received nearly 3000 responses from all over the world. One limitation of the initial analysis was that it grouped colors, so the 50 or so shades of blue we had sales data on just became “blue”.
The ten most popular shades, according to our survey results are the following. Guards Red is well ahead of the second place Mexico-Blue, and GT Silver isn’t that far behind in third. Except in fourth place is Miami Blue, which is oh so similar to Mexico Blue. Combining those would have meant a light blue was in first place …

We also suspected, going into the survey, that preferences would vary depending on the type of Porsche we were asking about. Your favorite color on a newer 911 GT3 might not look so hot on a late ’70s 911 SC, let alone an old 356. Sure enough, we saw some differences in the survey. Oranges are more popular with air-cooled cars, while blue, silver, and yellow are more popular for the more modern cars. Guards Red, however, is timeless.
https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-desig ... y_RoadTrip
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By Gregs04.5
Mine (Palladium Metallic) is not on the list, so, just like me, never hung out with the popular kids!
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By fpena944
Really surprised by this as I to me it seems that most new Porsches are either black, grey, or silver.

I do think red was more common with the air-cooled but with the newer generations it's not very often I see a red car.
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By eflight
Would be really interesting to compare the survey results to sales results. Which would probably show that you cant go by the results of a survey.

At work we used to say dont listen to what people say, look at what they buy with their wallets.
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