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By fpena944
If you're one of the few still keeping the Porsche wave alive, well be warned that if you attend the events of Amelia Island then your hand is going to be exhausted.

There are Porsches at ever corner, every stoplight, every parking lot. Literally every nook and cranny of the town. It was unbelievable the amount of participation by Porsche enthusiasts at the events.

If you love to see a real life example of virtually every model ever made, head to this annual event for an feast for every sense! :bigok:
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By linderpat
I try to wave every time. Except for older classic Porsches, I just get blank stares. If it's a woman, she assumes I'm trying to pick her up. If she is hot, and driving a nice Porsche, I am trying to pick her up :roflmao:
By JBRob007
Get in line Ed…. Get in line… 😎

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