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By fpena944
With the new GT4 RS being introduced I got to thinking about what GT cars do best - play on the track.

But with GT4s going for $120K+ and GT3s listing at $180k+ but sometimes doubling based on the model, how many of these do you all believe are actually going to end up being tracked?

I know if you've got a healthy budget then anything goes but it almost seems like the Porsche vehicles best suited for track duty may never see a track just because of their worth.

What are you all seeing or think? To me it feels like a used street model is probably the best suited for track duty when on a "normal" budget.
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By milrad
I drive my 981 GT4 almost exclusively at the track. Just bought some new Forgelines and Hoosier R7s for it. I have a little garage stall there and that is where it lives unless I need to do maintenance on it.

I run with a guy there that has a 718 GT4. He has a half cage and track seats/belts in his. He just copied my wheel and tire package lol. He drives his hard too.

That said, while I do see a lot of newer GT3s on the track, I pass a lot of GT3s. So while they go on the track, most don't seem to get driven very hard. Can't say I blame them. That's a lot of $$ to go skittering around the TX scrub brush if/when you go off.

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