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By amdavid
Got a text from the wf yesterday. "Someone hit my car! Fuuk"

Wf is working from home, took the day off to hang with kid and needs to hit the store. We have 2 Cayenne's and on this day she choose to use the newer one. She pulls into the parking lot, finds shade....empty space to left with car over the line, car to right. She parks and figures the space to the left of her is too small for anyone to pull in (all the while her head is saying "I don't have a good feeling about this")., WRONG. Left rear bumper cover behind wheel scraped nice, took off paint even. :evil: Here's the lesson, one we all know and just lived recently......If you have a bad feeling about something AVOID IT, keep your sanity!
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By DAVfoto
I'm anal about where I park the Cayenne and make sure that I leave enough room for others or just park away from others. People just don't give two shits about others cars apparently (or the parking lot for that matter with all the trash and cars lying around)
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By Fox_
I had a german national fly all the way to Louisiana just to door ding my Audi.

He was a pig expert that was over here to inspect some pigs the customer rejected.

During his time some deal was struck between him and coworker to test drive a shitbox v6 camaro. He MOVED the chebby, parked it beside my purposely isolated car, and door dinged it. Must have had something against Audi.

Parking lots in general, they say not to attribute malice to what can be explained by stupidity... However, it seems if you have a nice looking car, go to great pains to isolate it, there's always some asshole that comes along to fuck with it.
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By amdavid
The more you try to hide in a parking lot, the more you get fked, simple as that.

For some reason most people think of the Cayenne as "mainstream SUV" and can give 2 fks if they wack their door into it. At least with a non SUV Porsche, most folks will at least look and acknowledge before they wack it.
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By Paddlefoot64
My 18 year old 911 has no door dings (knock on wood). Can’t believe it’s survived ding free, but has. I get a lot of exercise parking in the boonies. Saw a nice spot in the shade today, but decide to park in the sun, to be far away from people that just don’t care.
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By mussberger
08' Cayenne with about 150k on the meter at the time. Not one ding on it till this fat piece of shit NJDOT worker on a mower shot a rock into the front right wing.
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By Luigi Vampa
I was sitting in a Home Depot parking lot a few years back in my truck and all the sudden I get hit from behind by someone pulling into the spot in back of me.

I jump out of the car and the women says "I didn't hit you". We look at the front of her car and her license plate has the imprint of my trailer ball on it.

The kicker is her teenage daughter says "Mom, you have to stop doing this."

People are idiots.
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By 993pbug
I drive my 993 as often as possible ... basically my DD provided it is dry out and knowingly do it at risk with all the idiots out there. Made a run to the local store, parking in a spot next to a curb, and pulling tight right to give plenty of space to my left.

I came out to find this :roll:


Shockingly enough, they never touched me ... don’t know how they didn’t! I stood there for a few minutes thinking of what I was going to say to them, but after looking in the SUV, I noticed the driver’s seat was very close to the wheel, 2 empty Starbucks cups in the console, and 2 car seats in the back. It was clearly a mom that was completely lacking all situational awareness of anything outside her car ... wasn’t worth sticking around to say anything.

I, of course, checked the condition of my front bumper prior to leaving ... the dust wasn’t even disturbed. Still feeling lucky with that one ...
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By BeerBurner
I have given up on stressing about parking lot dings and just write them off as the patina that comes with enjoying your car. It has really made it easier to enjoy the car without worrying about every conceivable thing that can happen to it. I still make an effort to park in safer spots (I look for end spots, avoid beater cars that are poorly parked, etc.), but I don't bother with parking at the opposite end of the lot anymore.

Sometimes I appreciate the "safety in numbers" approach. Last year, when I went to my work niece's bat mitzvah, I parked on the far end of the lot simply to be in the shade. When I left, I found a nice Jaguar parked next to me. The owner was right behind me and he told me that he parked next to me because he figured I would be conscientious to not ding his car so we'd offer mutual protection on the shared side. Unfortunately, the only other car parked in that whole area was the minivan that ended up parking right next to him. Hopefully, the minivan didn't ding him...

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