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By jschiller
I am considering moving into an S-Class w222, specifically the S 550 pre-facelift, after I move my BMW 740il and M5 off my driveway. Any ownership experiences among the members out there? Things to look for before buying? Horror stories, things to avoid? I'm not particularly interested in 4Matic and don't really want the active body control unless it was not an option. Just something to comfort my ageing lard ass as I motor to the grocery and buy expensive gasoline :(
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By fast_freddy
I've got a W216 CL. ABC is terrific. don't worry about it. Most repairs are just O-rings and such. the compressors/valve blocks/accumulators are bulletproof unless they're running all the time due to a leak. The bleed of the system is a super easy DIY too.

Sometimes some of the control systems (center console/Voice control module/Fuses) are wonky. Most parts are easily findable on Ebay and easily DIY-able. My center console "shorted" due to a sticky button. Replaced the module (easy on a CL/S class coupe, tougher on a Sedan) in 20~ minutes and pulled the fuse/reinstalled. All problems solved for $180~ and perhaps an hour of my time. Get a Mercedes "star tool" or similar and it's all pretty easy to figure out/repair.

A few weeks ago I did a down and back to Manhattan (600 miles in one day) in the CL and wasn't wiped out from the drive. I've done it in my 745Li quite a few times and while good, it's not nearly as good as the CL "smoothness-wise" largely due to ABC. Our roads are awful up here. Was just where you are and the roads are exponentially better/smoother there.
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