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By Asquared
I would not have guessed the Audi and BMW would be on this list given my personal experience with Audi and from what I've heard from friends with BMWs. ... ur-experts
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By XR4Tim
They picked one from each of the brands they support, and I would agree with their selections (though I would have selected older versions of each). There are plenty of Audis and BMWs that I would never put on a "reliable" list.
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By TheDeckMan
MK4 1.8t and VR6 still do pretty damn well. Saab 9-3ss with the 2.0t ecotec are just about bullet proof, sold mine with 235k miles on it and it is still going very well for the owner, replaced with a V6t Aero which has way more power but sucks fuel economy wise.

B6 A4 1.8t would be my go to on bullet proof Audi's, lots of them with 250k+ miles going and going.

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