New S Class

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New S Class

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The S class has always foreshadowed where future cars are going. I don't know how many now common innovations showed up first on an S Class, from ABS to variable cruise control to LED lights to who knows what else. So it's always worth keeping an eye on what they come up with next.

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Re: New S Class

Post by DAVfoto »

I'm impressed. I think they made it look good. The previous design was not bad but the other models (mainly CLA and C class) imo are ugly.

Hopefully they don't just make the E Class and C Class slightly smaller S classes by design. They need distinction IMO from each other. same with BMW. I can barely tell the difference between a 3 and 5 series now.
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Re: New S Class

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the S class was always a class of its own.
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Re: New S Class

Post by TRAKCAR »

I remember when the W126 was replaced the W140.
There were billboards with a nice side view of dark blue Sclass, (identical to the one my dad had at the time) it said: “The new Sclass has arrived; a shame, really”..

And again, I like the current one more then the new one.. I’m sure I’ll love it by the tine they AMG it. Too bad they aced the coupe.. had them since ‘05 CL65..
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