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By JimV8
I had a VW based single seat race car years ago which wasn’t competitive but I’d always wanted to try that out. After one race I realized I didn’t have the money to keep up to to the breaking parts and it was extremely uncomfortable too. So I retired from dirt racing, but still liked the idea of going fast through the dirt. When I bought my acreage I did a walkabout to scout where the track should go and started working on it. So when the Outlander 800 went for sale nearby I snapped it up knowing very little about them or how a modified one works. I learned pretty soon it was way to loud and the clutch was set up to snap off. So I can get anywhere real fast, but as it turns out it’s the wrong tool for the job and I really need a tractor. I have one of those too , a 1970s made in Japan CAT977L, it is unstoppable, 2 yard bucket that lifts 13 ft. I’ll need it for a couple more season and sell it for what I paid for it.
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By Johnny Five
My cousin just sent me this photo. I gave him an old workhouse electric club car that hauled parts for a local factory for a decade or more. Still running strong - he just finished a redneck lift today so he can bumble around in the pasture and woods. Looks good!
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