Welcome all 928 forum refugees!
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By jej3
This will be a subset of the info on Rennlist for this event. It is also posted here --->https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/1 ... 021-a.html

Rendezvous 928 - Sharks Circling Amelia Island 2021
This event is not associated with the Amelia Concours organization or the PCA.
Planned Agenda for the 2021 Event

March 4th - Arrivals at Hotel (A Loft Jacksonville Airport - 5 minutes from the airport and 35 minutes from Amelia Island - Details in this post (jej3 @ EVENT - 2021 Rendezvous 928 - Sharks Circling Amelia Island - March 4-7, 2021 -- Book your hotel room EARLY as rates will rise!)
March 5th - Werks Reunion (EVERYONE should enter the show portion of Werks so the 928s can have their own judging class - registration opens in Mid-December for either Show field OR Parking Corral - BOTH ARE GREAT!)
March 6th - Amelia Island Cars and Coffee - Best Darn Cars and Coffee EVER! (Applications being accepted for Waitlist - please apply still as we're trying to get all 928s that want to participate in)
March 7th - Departures, Amelia Island Concours D'elegance (tickets here) or Fun Runs to Jekyll Island (Georgia) or Anastasia Island (St. Augustine)

Latest Info

The Cars & Coffee at the Concours is putting 928s on a waitlist - We have 22 cars already accepted (which is HUGE!). They may be out of room for us in the C&C but we will try very hard to get more 928s in. To help us do that, please continue to apply (https://ameliaconcours.org/Data/Sites/1 ... cation.pdf)

It is VERY important to notify us you are on the WAITLIST. I am keeping track and if any of the originally accepted cars withdraws and tells me NOT the C&C officials, we will get you off the waitlist in a first come, first served order!

For information on the C&C layout and the parking options, here's a link(jej3 @ EVENT - 2021 Rendezvous 928 - Sharks Circling Amelia Island - March 4-7, 2021) to the post describing it.

We have 29 928s committed for the weekend (with another 10-12 who are LIKELY to come)! And we have 40+ people committed.

Werks Reunion will likely be our "showcase" event - their registration opens in December. If we continue to get 928s, no other group will show up as strong and proud as we will!

We will fill in the details quickly but here are things you MUST do if you plan to come.

1. Reply on here or with some form of message to me (jej3 - here and RL) that you plan to attend, # of people and with or without 928
2. If you are attending with a 928, please fill out and send in a Cars and Coffee application to Amelia Concours, if you want to participate.

Amelia Concour D'Elegance site - http://www.ameliaconcours.org/
Cars & Coffee site - https://ameliaconcours.org/cars-coffee.aspx (Application live NOW here --> https://ameliaconcours.org/Data/Sites/1 ... cation.pdf )
Werks Reunion site - https://www.werksreunion.com/amelia.cfm (Registration opens Mid-December)

This has gone out via FB, too. We actually anticipate a reasonable sized group. Don't wait to decide!

Local Destinations being contemplated for DIY Fun Runs -

1. Jekyll Island (about 71 scenic miles from the hotel)
2. Anastasia Island/St. Augustine (69 scenic miles down A1A and across on a Ferry)
3. Daytona Beach (105 miles - It's Bike week starting March 5th so might be too crazy!)

Werks Reunion Pictures

Cars & Coffee at the Concours ( last year - 2020 - full gallery here)
https://www.deremerstudios.com/Automoti ... nd-Coffee/
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By jej3
BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM at the A Loft Hotel, a Marriott Property via the below link....

https://www.marriott.com/reservation/av ... Code=JAXAL

There is NO Group Rate at this time as we do not believe the current rates are going to be beat by switching to the group rate. I spoke to their group sales director today, who when asked about the current rates, said "Oh, get with me on Tuesday because those rates aren't right."

Currently - as of August 13th at 9:19PM -

There are King and Double Queens available at rates from $137/night to $157/night. There will be no LESS expensive, HIGHER quality accommodations at this price with this type of cancellation policy.

These rooms have a cancellation policy which allows for cancellation 1 day prior (read the fine print on your reservations but that is what it said for me)


The hotel is located at: 751 Skymarks Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32218 USA Map

The hotel has a bar and there are multiple restaurants (and many have bars) within walking distance as shown here...

This location is approximately 5 minutes from the Jacksonville Airport. There are numerous other Airport Hotels for those interested in staying on points (Hilton, Hyatt, etc...) within a few minutes of the host hotel.

The hotel is 35-45 minutes from the events on Amelia Island and is at least $200 cheaper per night than any other BAD option within 30 minutes of the Amelia events.

No Drama but PLEASE CONSIDER BOOKING RIGHT AWAY! If you book a refundable rate, you can cancel if you do not come to the event.
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By jej3
Here is the 2019 layout for the Amelia Island Cars & Coffee at the Concours :grinning:

All of the Porsche vehicles are in the same area (red). The neighbors were exotics (black) and mercedes benz (blue).

I couldn't hardly contain my excitement when the Executive Director informed me this morning he had considered our passionate request(s) and he was going to allow cars in who were waitlisted, with our number of acceptances increasing from 13 to 22. TWENTY-freakin-TWO!

For those completely unfamiliar with C&C at Amelia, this DOES NOT happen! I still encourage people to apply BUT you HAVE to let me know you are waitlisted. If any of the 22 who are accepted back out and they tell me (and not C&C), I'll make sure those who have applied get in ... First Come, First Served.

I know folks like @SCX2132 have been to the C&C before and can attest to how crazy it is we've got nearly 2 dozen 928s in this part of the weekend events.

Great work everyone! Get those hotel rooms booked.

For all those who might NOT be accepted (maybe because you haven't applied yet), we are going to rally whoever is attending as a spectator to come out as a unified group and park in one place. You are going to want to see the Greatest Showing of 928s that this event (and I'd argue any concours venue) has EVER seen.

If you look at the above layout, the C&C on Saturday (just one part of our event) covers essentially three holes of the Golf Course (Holes 1, 2 and 10) at the Ritz Carlton. The BEST parking area is the 11th hole and is shown below on the parking map as Lot B.

Lots B and C are $40. Entering as a show car in the C&C show is $50. There is NO cost to enter the C&C as a spectator (other than parking fees). Consider still filling out an application for the C&C because you NEVER know what might happen

Congrats to the current crop of "Acceptees" ....

Let's keep focusing on the entire Rendezvous 928 - Sharks Circling Amelia Island Weekend!

Keep an eye for further announcements and be ready to apply for Werks Reunion when it opens up!

WOO HOO!!!!!
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By JMW928
Shifted wrote: Mon Sep 07, 2020 7:19 am I will be there. My 928 was accepted into the cars and coffee event. We will be a group of four adults and one toddler.
When was your car accepted? I’m committed to coming but was waitlisted on 8/28. Thanks!
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By SoBe Porsche Lot
Hi - this is my very first post to a forum - ever.

I recently bought a 1978 928 (black w/blue-black pasha), read this post, and decided to go to Amelia (I'm in S. Fla.). However, when I signed up for the C&C they said that they were not accepting 928's. Luckily, I had a 1988 911 Cab up my sleeve and they allowed me to register with that - but they said that if they re-opened to 928's, I could switch.

I would much rather take the 928 than the 911 (mostly because I have put some work into the 928 and I'd like it judged at the Werks Reunion. Also, and hopefully this will endear me to you all, but at C&C's a 911 is just a 911, and mine, while pretty nice, is far from the best example - while my 928 - in the same condition - is something rare and, with the pasha and phone dials, a total 1978 time capsule - so I can bask in the glory of Risky Business/Scarface comments.)

So the reason I am posting is that if you do get some open 928 spots I would really like to have one of them! I'm not sure how you take this offline (as I don't want my personal details in forums) but please let me know.
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By jej3
SOBE - please make sure you book your hotel room and if you'd be kind enough to send me your details via private message (First Name, Last Name, whether or not you are registered for hotel, how many in your party), I can make sure you're included in our unofficial count.

I am going to do a monthly update (end of each month) and notify via this post when Werks Reunion registration opens.

There will be lots of fun had at C&C, Werks and in the parking lot at the hotel. We'll have fun runs mapped out for folks to go different directions if they like and their will be ample food & beverage options near the hotel.

Glad you can come... send me your details. We will have an official Rendezvous 928 Registration a bit later.


Trey Johnson
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By jej3
31 928s committed thus far. Still expecting more after the fun of FRENZY dies down.

Looking forward to hearing from the Texas Crew (Roger, Sean, Alex, etc...), more of the BLS (Buckeye Land Sharks) and Pete's Long Island Crew!
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By Shifted
Even if you can't get into the Cars and Coffee portion, you can still park in the main parking area for that part of the weekend, and enter the 928 in the Reuterwerks part. The two are not interdependant.

Trey, thank you for putting this together for us! When you put together the fun runs, would you please share them in advance? If possible, having them in a GPX format would be ideal. But, I'm happy to create my own if you provide the route in another form.
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By jej3
Copied from RL....

Hotel Rates have gone up 62% and will continue to rise!

Hotel link is here -->http://www.marriott.com/reservation/ava ... Code=JAXAL

If you have not booked the hotel, you can PM me and I will answer in NOVEMBER about the rooms I have personally reserved.

This will be first come, first served at the former prevailing rate - which was 62% less.
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By Shifted
We are still planning on being there. Currently leaning toward driving the 928 instead of flat-bedding it. Should be interesting figuring out how to pack everything that we'll need.

BTW - At this point it will just be myself, my wife and our young daughter. In case that affects your planning. We won't be participating in any of the more adult oriented activities. Nothing that involves drinking, smoking, mature language, etc. If that excludes us from all of the group activities, we're ok with that.
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By Shifted
For those that have been before, is registering for the "Judged Field" worth it? What level of competition is that? My car is definitely not concourse level. It's clean and looks great from a few feet away, but is has a few minor flaws in the paint, I drive it, and will be driving it from VA to FL for the event. And it's definitely not stock.
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By jej3
Yes! Register for the Judged portion. If we get more than 10 928s we will have our own judged group. Judging is not "concours" level judging. Survivors mix well with nice drivers and some deeper restorations.

Registration for Werks opens Mid-December.
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By jej3
Shifted wrote: Sun Nov 29, 2020 7:36 pm image.png

The real question in my mind is what will the state of the pandemic be in early March?
Thanks! Good info.

FWIW, Life in North Florida is very normal. Yes, people are wearing masks in most of Duval County. In St. John's County (south of Jacksonville), it is somewhat optional. St. Augustine is exploding with tourists and I anticipate only those who are genuinely high-risk should have concerns about the event in the Spring.

Only time will tell where this goes but I'm more optimistic than ever that we'll have a great event!
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By RSMartin
According to outside sources there is a change of event dates for the Amelia Island Concours and Werks Reunion.

This year's event was scheduled to coincide with the Werks Reunion and the Amelia Island Concours.
Should there be changes to those events,
Our event will follow the same.

If the dates of the Concours change we will change Rendezvous 928 with them. If the organizers of that event feel it is in the better good for health we shouldn't disagree.

Should there be a people that are bound by schedule etc.. and still want to meet during the currently scheduled dates, There are still many things to enjoy.
Please stay tuned......
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By RSMartin
Scedule of event changes
This year's Rendezvous 928 event will be rescheduled
Please bear with us while we are working on these changes as well.

Rendezvous 928 dates will be changed to May 2021and will continue to follow Amelia Island Concours and PCA schedule of events. We are currently working on change of schedule. We can only imagine the logistical nightmare these organizations are experiencing.
Thousands of people's scedule and a substantial economic impact will be felt by these changes.
Please bear with us while we are working on these changes as well.
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By RSMartin
If you have been approved for Cars and Coffee and 
You are certain you cannot attend the new dates. 
Please wait to officially notify anyone.  We may be able to fill your spot with another 928 owner that was on the wait list.
If the spot is abandoned then it goes into first come first served.

Official Notice by Cars and Coffee released.
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By Stepson
Got my hotel reservation changed today.
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By JMW928
Updated the Aloft reservation. It made me pay immediately, which I did. Now non-refundable and no changes. Rate was $172/night, with all the fees it was $583 for three nights.
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