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By NSXguy
I'm thinking about buying a Japanese mini (Kei) truck, for fun and possibly some light driveway plowing.
There are several brands that have been produced for decades, but being a Honda guy now the ACTY (for 'activity') has a certain appeal.
The years I'm interested in are the 1990's, which are powered by a 660cc 3-cylinder engine with a 5-speed transaxle mounted under the bed.
Most also have 4WD, and there are dump bed and other versions designed for farm use with creeper gears, etc.
A friend that lives nearby has one, and they love the heck out of it.....and even got it plated for street use.
I would probably do that as well, since Antique plates for cars 26 years and older here are cheap.

Anyone with experience/thoughts about these little trucks please chime in, as they have far more appeal to me than say a modern side-by-side :thumbup:

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By Fox_
I want one.

God knows what I'd actually use it for.

But I want it.

Importers seem extremely proud of them too.

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