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By worf
Crumpler wrote: Sat Sep 05, 2020 3:33 pm Are we talking about the water pump thread?
It’s all redacted now. I can guess what happened.

There's another thread too. But, it's probably been cleaned as well.
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By Stepson
Landseer wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:36 am I think the car was somebody else's, john?, anyhow I think it was maybe a bad maf.

I remember thanked roger for all the parts he'd shipped...he said it was better if we didn't discuss that at the event. Big tent in a field by grandfather mtn. It was 08. Lotta sharks, maybe100.
I had problems with my blue 89. It ended up being the intermittent lack of a main engine ground. There was 104 sharks there that year. I went 2 years (2006 and 2007). I drove the Stepson in 2006 and the blue 89 in 2007. I believe that Sterling went in 2007, but as a passenger.

IIRC, Sean didn't go to SITM until 2008, which was the first year that I didn't go. Sterling only drove his car to SITM in 2008.

These remembrances are being espoused by a person with a Polaroid memory. That is, I only remember things from the last 60 seconds. :)
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By Landseer
I was there in 08. Seems we worked on a blue car. I stood there and handed somebody tools. Lol.

The present is more important! Good you are here, btw. Need to build the tech section here! You've got serious knowledge across year platforms!

See if you have this t shirt...plus I found a few more pics...this event was held more than a decade ago!
I had to research the forgotten fine points, but attending these type of 928 events seems to have had a tremendous impression on all of us, even as the years blend them together a bit.
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By Landseer
Yes. That makes sense.

2008 we fixed the blue car, you rode shotgun with somebody, right? Linderpat was there in 08. He, his wife, me, my son, and medicpedicman sat together at the group dinner after following AH in a white knuckle run down the parkway to some little restaurant in spruce pine. We also went to DRs house where he had a pile of car parts he was giving away.

I skipped 09, so I missed your car. Linderpat must have attended 08 and 09.

Wife and I drove a pair of red cars in 2010, the year we did did the saturday event on top of the mountain. In 2010 chuck z brought the immaculate dark blue gts and displayed it outside the pizza place, on top of mountain.
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By linderpat
I wasn't there in 09 guys, that was my first year in Montana - I moved to Bozeman in August of 2008. Did not drive across the country to SITM. 2008 was my only time there. I do remember that awesome drive led by AO Chris. Damn that was fun.
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By linderpat
maddog2020 wrote: Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:45 am Did you get to the OCIC in 2009 when it was in DFW? In 09 I was at both, OCIC in DFW and SITM
No. Never did an OCIC. Once I moved to Montana, I was pretty much cut off from the rest of the world.
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By Stepson
Landseer wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:36 am I think the car was somebody else's, john?, anyhow I think it was maybe a bad maf.

My son was very young, we'd just gotten the 86 off the jack stands the day before. No seat time except the ride down from richmond. I looked up and saw him lined up with front bumper on the tailcone of AOs supercharged car rolling out towards the pkwy. Fear is all I felt.

I remember thanked roger for all the parts he'd shipped...he said it was better if we didn't discuss that at the event. Big tent in a field by grandfather mtn. It was 08. Lotta sharks, maybe100.
I went to SITM in 07 and 08. I took the Stepson in 07 and drove the Blue 89 S4 in 08.

The S4 had troubles (think 2mpg there and back) but I made it both ways. The problem ended up being the lack of an consistent main engine ground screwing with the engine computers to the point that the computer thought the engine was running too lean and would put more and more fuel into the engine until the engine would flood and not run. Every time the key was cycled, the system would reset and start all over again until it flooded. Once I figured out that I could reset it, it made the drive somewhat better, but the problem remained that I still had to pull off the road to restart the car in Park(the neutral safety switch had a malfunction which would not allow the car to be restarted in Neutral) Therefore, I had to pull off the road, stop the car, put the transmission in park, and then restart the car. The drive back to DFW was better and made exciting by 3 foot flames shooting out the tailpipe at times.

So yes, I had issues with my car in 08, but I was not the culprit that Sean speaks of in the 2009 trip. I didn't make the trip in 2009.
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By jej3
GB has a permanent erection for slamming 928sRus over on RL (see comments on Fuel Lines thread]). I put alot of GB gear on my 928 that is being rebuilt by Howard. With all of his over the top abuse of others, I'm done with him.
By ROG100
He never seems to stop slandering myself and my company for no reason. I sold thousands & thousands of $ of his products and helped him be successful with fuel hose replacements. He gets called out for hypocrisy on Rennlist and cancels my account WTF.
OK I can live with that no worries. However his constant barrage of lies and slander about myself and my company have got to stop.
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By Geza-aka-Zombo
From a positive perspective, if he wasn't such a DB, I never would have designed the Ultimate 928 TVD Hub, saving folks ~$100 while supplying a superior product.
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By worf
Ok, what’s today’s drama? (Dr. B sticky thread about Roger?)
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By SeanR
Crumpler wrote: Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:00 pm I saw the sticky too.
I assume Roger is forcing RL to confront the GB issue.
He is, and has been for quite some time. For some reason Erik and Dr. Bob will not do anything about it. If I were to guess, they don't want to piss off Greg by slapping him down as he's about the only one left giving proper advice in that forum.
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By worf
I got the 411 from Stan.
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By Landseer
Overmoderated by Dr Bob,the reason I stayed out of OC forum. DB hides behind it, taking needling cheap shots at roger at random. If it weren't for 928sRus I'd never have been able to participate in the hobby. He brought competition and innovation. Kudos to him, this household is forever grateful and supportive. Solid solutions, fair prices. Different tiers of solutions for same problem.
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By ROG100
Pretty straight forward - GB posts slanderous remarks about myself and my company. I report the post, but because he does not state my name or the company name they cannot remove the post. So I try and protect myself by stating fact and they remove my posts.
Just had enough of it. And why should I pay good money to Sponsor Rennlist and receive NO support from Rennlist or IB.
I do not know what will happen but my troubles are circulating at high levels within IB (I do not know if that is good or bad).
Thanks for listening.
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By Crumpler
Well Roger, you have our backing and sympathy.
I’m sure everyone on RL would say the same.
GB just looks less credible every time he does something like this, in my opinion. And I just don’t understand why he does it. I’ve tried to, but can’t.
Most of us can just give him the finger and walk away. I know it’s way more complicated as a vendor, you have a livelihood to protect. I’m sure this is frustration you don’t need. But rest assured, 98% of RL know the score and just roll their eyes when he takes a dig at someone.
No excuse though, IB needs to confront the elephant in the room.
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By Landseer
Motivation is to build and broaden the business for newly joined gen 2, not throttle back . Expand into certain vaccums now in the performance parts area, plus occupy space in the replacement parts area where prices from VW Porsche AG are fueling need for substitutes.

The issue is with method of competing. Float all boats, vs denigrate to dominate. There's a problem there. No formal skill, just street brawl it out. Instead of building out the offerings by tier, there is only one right answer, its "Mine", and everybody else with an opinion is shit. Suppress competition at all costs.

Used to be a diva disappearance game. Now its becoming I'm a sponsor, I own the innovation space, if you bring your ideas they were stolen from me. Or, I've spent all this time sourcing various fittings, so any of you that do it are wrong or too late, even if you are real engineers. Playing the quality safety cards. But worse, cutting off discussion because, hey, only one sponsor can innovate and sell, and mine is better.

Makes rennlist less valuable in my mind.

Major check boxes... a forum should never allow a sponsor any rights to guide the healthy discussion between enthusiasts and other sponsors about parts innovation.

No scamming will be tolerated, such as 928 WorldWide or Motordyne. But any enthusiast or engineer who builds a better mousetrap, like porken or lizard or jcoreman with his LED dashboard circuit box, can do it and offer it.

Rising tide. Float all boats, compete openly.
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By Auzivision
linderpat wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:52 am
Landseer wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 5:52 am Cool that you got out west too.

SITM 08 was our first. Son and I brought a pair of just rescued, cobbled up red 928s. Met the texas crew. They had struggled the whole way with a sick shark. 928srus was just getting established. Terrifying ride down the parkway, following the Detroit guys, particularly AO.

I read nearly every RL tech post for 2 years straight trying to learn.
Chris - I stand corrected - it was 08 when I was there, and that was Roger's last SITM. That's when I first met you as well. The fun run with AO leading the way was something. Shortest driver's meeting I ever attended - he said two words - "keep up". Jumped in the car and off we went. It was a blast!

I kept up, best drive in my life... hands down.

Every now and again, I'm ready to recreate. I'm game for this June!

I do miss driving the smokies staring at AO's GT's ass... wishing he would go faster!
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By ROG100
Absolutely nothing so far. I resigned my sponsorship directly to IB. They like the mods did not want to accept it. Dr. Bob quarantined my "sponsorship delete" thread.
Cooling off period maybe.
I have finished with Renn as a sponsor - I may hang out as a member.
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By Crumpler
Sure, sorry to hear it.
Probably, when you have resigned yourself to “it is what it is” they will come back with some type of recant or “solution” which will muddy the waters and be ineffective, or effective for two weeks and then wind up again.
Not to be pessimistic Rog, sorry.

I can only speak for myself here but I guess what got under my skin with Greg was the constant posts about how busy he is, has more work then he could ever do, etc, etc. But finds the time to disparage folks online.
I realize he also finds time to help people in the forum too, which I should acknowledge as well I guess.

In similar terms, he broadcasts far and wide that his products are really just for the benefit of his clients and sales of those products are a distant secondary concern for him. But then the attacks on others for making or selling products that achieve the same, as an affront to his livelihood.
I don’t know, it’s just easier for me not being over there :)
Last edited by Crumpler on Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:27 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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By ROG100
I recently decided to cancel my Sponsorship of Rennlist. My post - see below - was removed by a Rennlist moderator. I wanted the community to see it.
"Based on a call from the Rennlist moderators I have made the difficult decision to cancel my Sponsorship of Rennlist. I have been a member and sponsor since 2003.
I feel totally let down by Rennlist and IB due to their lack of action against a party who has a devious passion for telling lies and slandering my company.
They refuse to remove his post, that is clearly aimed at me, but happy to remove my posts in my efforts to protect myself and my company.
I have watched as Rennlist has become a shadow of its former self. Other forums for 928 centric companies and enthusiasts have a much larger following and also police the posts with consideration.
"THE" vendor in CA has won in his efforts to get rid of all competition that stands up to him. And Rennlist is complicit in that goal."

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