Waterproof Running Shoes

Buying Waterproof Running Shoes

If you are living in an area that witnesses a lot of rain and showers, or has a snowy climate, you always look to dry your feet to stay warm and comfortable. You can go for waterproof running shoes, a great way to keep your feet warm and dry.

There are a number of waterproof shoes available in online and offline marketplaces, but it is quite hard to get shoes that are 100 percent waterproof. Sometimes, when sprinting or running through a wet track or passing through a minefield, your socks become a little damp, and you feel uncomfortable. There are many traditional options available to edge this issue, but they won’t work for so long.

Waterproof running shoes are a great and innovative solution to cope with this issue. For instance, these waterproof running shoes are made of Gore-Tex lining, similar to waterproof rain jackets.

The waterproof design of these running shoes is breathable, and even in the winter season, it gives your feet a warm feel. The Gore-Tex lining is created with the approach to make it waterproof and breathable.

Read more and learn some amazing things about waterproof running shoes.

Things to Look When Buying Waterproof Running Shoes

There are some important things you should look for before buying waterproof shoes. It is quite important to know what to look for to get the best waterproof running shoes, rather than picking up random shoes. Here are the things that you should look at in depth.

1.      Waterproof Features

The primary thing that should be of high interest is the Gore-tex technology which is quite popular in the market for waterproof footwear. It is one of the best clues to find which is the handiest waterproof shoe.

There are uncountable benefits to keeping your feet dry, and we are all aware that wet feet may lead to health issues, even when you go for a short run. When running through wet trails and water crossing, if you have waterproof shoes, you can get irritated if water gets inside your shoes. So, always look for Gore-Tex technology when buying the best waterproof shoes.

2.      Cushioning

Cushioning is another feature of high importance that you should look at when buying waterproof shoes. The cushioning of any shoes is the feature that some people give so much importance as it is all about their comfort while running or for any other purpose as well. Some people prefer shoes that make them easy to float, whereas some looks to feel it. The amount of cushioning in a shoe depends totally on personal preference. There are four things that runners can look for in cushioning when buying waterproof shoes for running.

·       Barefoot

The name itself says running shoes with no padding at all. It allows the wearer to feel the trail.

·       Minimal

If you do not like barefoot shoes, you can go for a minimal cushion that provides comfort when you are on the trail. A thin layer of comfortable cushion reduces discomfort and allows you to wear it in the long run.

·       Moderate   

One of the most common types of cushioning, or padding, is moderate padding. It can help you on a rocky trail and ensures amazing comfort.

·       Maximum cushioning

A maximum-padding running shoe is the best choice if you are looking to provide comfort to your joints. It minimizes the stress on your joints and makes it easy for you to continue the long run easily.

3.      Traction and Tread

The tread and traction are other essential features you can look for in waterproof running shoes.

The underside of the running shoe is an important thing to consider when choosing the best waterproof shoe. There is no need for absolute traction if your path is full of dirt. It works better on scaling and slightly steep mountains, and if you are planning to run over hills, then it is better to go for additional traction.

4.      Heel-to-Toe Drop

If you have never come across the heel drop feature, this article is the best for you before buying a waterproof running shoe.

Normally, good waterproof running shoes have a heel drop of 0mm. It is a minimalist shoe if the heel range is between 0mm to 4mm. Running on low-heeled shoes encourages you with middle swings and provides a perfect grounding platform. It helps you with muscle interaction and provides great balance in your run.  

Benefits of Waterproof Shoes for Running

  • The most common perk you get from waterproof shoes for running is it keeps your feet dry. Your dry feet are real support regardless of road running or hitting the trails. It is all possible because of the Gore-Tex technology, which is the material that keeps your feet dry and makes you feel comfortable and happy at every run.
  • The waterproof running shoes work the best in the months of peak cold winter as they do not just keep your feet dry but also provides a warm and comfortable feel that everyone looks for in winter.
  • During intense running, waterproof shoes are anti-slippery and keep you safe from getting injured.
  • As it keeps your feet dry, good waterproof running shoes protect them from diseases like soles of the feet, acne in the legs, foot fungus, ankle sprains, and more.
  • You can avoid skin irritation or scratching even if you wear it for longer periods.
  • One of the best benefit that you can get from the waterproof running shoes is won’t get heavier as it does not allow water to get inside.
  • In a situation of dense snow, waterproof shoes help you in the best way.


Waterproof running shoes are good footwear that you should have in the arsenal of your running shoes. Investing in waterproof running shoes is never a bad idea as it is not just about making your feet dry; these shoes work best if anyone is training for a long, intense race and used to spending hours on trails. Add a pair of waterproof running shoes now and avail its benefits.

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